Error in reading text file


I have a text file with column delimiter ; and there is a column called description where the some of the content holds ; in it. While reading the file I am putting the column delimiter as ; and the description column getting splitted into multiple columns. Can anyone please help?

Many Thanks

Hello @Omprakash_Jena,

do you maybe have quotation character for this description column? If so then you simply specify it in Cell Splitter and delimiter char will be preserved. Otherwise I’m not sure there is a way. Maybe reading as one column and then some regex to add quotes. Or after splitting filter out rows with additional columns and combine description into one column…



@Omprakash_Jena ,

the file is not correctly formatted from what I’m understanding. In case you want to use the column separator in a String it always has to be quoted.

One work around would be to change the configuration of the CSV Reader so it skips the first line (see Limit Rows tab) and with a second CSV Reader/Line Reader you’d only read the first line. Finally you can extract your column header and add it to your table. Hope that helps.



Thank you so much for the clarifications…It helps.

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Thanks @Mark_Ortmann!

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