Error in workflow execution with Padel

I have recently downloaded the padel descriptor to include in knime node. When I am connecting it with excel reader containing SMILES string it is showing error as ERROR PaDEL-Descriptor 0:10 Execute failed: (“ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException”): null.
Even I connected it to the output port of openbabel (connected to excel reader containing SMILES string of the molecule) which contained molecule structure in sdf format, the same error comes on execution. What is the solution?


I assume in general you would need to add the Molecule to CDK node, but that only results in another error. Unfortunately this is a known issue for quite a long time:

and probably has something to do with the underlying CDK.
These are community nodes not developed by KNIME but PaDEL, so there is not much we at KNIME can do about it, I’m sorry.
Maybe the workaround using the Linux command line mentioned in the first forum link works for you.