Error Input unichar for string manipulate Node

Hi Dev Team,

I have some problem about input text unichar on String Manipulate/

I was typing for finding char จ but KNIME it found ซ that return wrong result.

What’s should I fix or solve this issue ?

But I try to Another workflow that it’s work

and I changed function from IndexOfChar() to IndexOf() that it is show correct result.

so May I use malfunction about IndexofChar which input more 1 char however I think it should not return wrong value.

Many Thanks.

Hi @kritsapatw,

I assume both functions use the same methods internally. Therefore, they should produce the same outcome, but as they don’t I will try to reproduce this issue and come back to you as soon as I know more.


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Hey @kritsapatw,

I could not reproduce the issue. Is it possible for you to provide the data or the workflow so that I could check there?

One thing I could think of is, that the dot in the text is different from the dot that you use in the expression.


Hi, Julian

I am very sorry for late rely. I replied file workflow to you and I try to test on your recommend about dot that is no input dot ,result is show correct. I think it ambiguous about this function because hence about function “IndexofChars” can used “ab” but dot is character symbol ,it is cannot used it same and effect incorrect result.

KNIME_project9.knwf (13.3 KB)

Thank you for you kindly.

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