Error installing KNIME Amazon Redshift Connector And Tools Knime 4.7.1

Hi There,

I am having issues installing "KNIME Amazon Redshift Connector And Tools " extension.

The install looks to work but the nodes are not available in the node repository.

After install, when opening workflows with the amazon redshift connection node i am prompted to install the extension again but i cant because knime thinks it is already installed.

The extension appears in installed software:

But no entry for it is in Plug-Ins:

i have tried the below to get it to install correctly (none of which are working):

  1. Fresh install of AP platform to new workspace
  2. Drag and Drop from here β€œKNIME Amazon Redshift Connector And Tools – KNIME Community Hub”

I am working from a Mac with M1 Chip and have done a fresh install of KNIME Analytics Platform for macOS arm64 (Apple silicon)

I am experiencing the same issue, and have gone through the same process. Any advice available?

Hey @salja03 , i haven’t got anything back from the Knime Team but as a work around i have installed the
KNIME Analytics Platform for macOS x86_64 (Intel) version. It seems as though the issue is not present when working with that version. Not ideal but at least it works.

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Thanks for the update on that - much appreciated!


We released a fix around the Big Data extension and ARM64 based macOS with KNIME 4.7.2 that might affect this too.

@ajc and @salja03 can you verify if 4.7.2 helps?


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Yep, will try it out - thanks!

Good news - tht fixed the issue, am working on 4.7.2 just fine now. Thanks!

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