Error installing knime extension plotly under linux

Hi there,

I’m running knime-desktop under manjaro-linux and installed knime with the normal package manager pamac.
The start script is then as usually for all applications under /usr/bin

Anyway, when I try to install an extension by “install knime extension”, I get following warning:

Well that information is correct. Of course I installed the base software as root, as all other application under linux.

Bu I could think that it is not intended that extensions also need to be installed by root, or?
Is it possible to specify that the extension should be installed somewhere within my home folder like .config/knime or so? Then root permissions would not be needed.

I’m the only knime user on that machine, so I do not have to worry about other users…


Hi @MarcoVa,

During installation did you receive the prompt to install KNIME with write access? Ideally it should not happen but change of user accessing the installation can create such prompts. Out of curiosity did you try to install extension with root privileges?

Also, all extensions get installed within the installation directory of KNIME.


Hi @MarcoVa,

we will try and work around having only read permissions on the installation by installing extensions in your user directory. However, as @aliasghar_marvi mentioned, the default (and preferred) location is within the installation directory.
To my knowledge, we don’t have an official package, so I’m not sure who is maintaining the binaries you got from your package manager.

However, you could try downloading KNIME directly from us: Downloads | KNIME (you can leave most web-fields blank)
Simply extract the tar ball and run the knime executable. No build required and you can extract the installation anywhere you’d like.

Kind regards


Out of interest, do you happen to know where exactly the package is hosted and which version (of KNIME)?

I couldn’t find it in the Arch repo, which I thought Manjaro used: Arch Linux - Package Search

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Hi @aliasghar_marvi ,

no I did not get a prompt for write access nor did I install extensions with root priviliges.
I used a simple way to solve the issue for the time being: I copied the installation into my home folder with my user account. When I use now my local copy I can install updates and extensions.


I installed the knime-desktop package from AUR Repository. There the version is available.


Hi @MarcoVa,
Thanks for the update, glad to hear you found a solution!
Aha, found the package! AUR (en) - Packages (and there I was thinking Arch Linux - Package Search would also search AUR…)
Glad to see it is being maintained in an (almost) up to date version :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy KNIME! If you’re new to KNIME, feel free to checkout our Self-Paced Courses List | KNIME.

Kind regards


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