Error javax.xml.parsers Java 8 to 11

When using build all for the update site I receive an error message in the log.

The package javax.xml.parsers is accessible from more than one module: , java.xml

To test out where the issue was I created a new workspace, feature, node, and update site. I followed the developer doc and used the node creation wizard. I added added the javax.xml.parsers.SAXParser import to the node model class. I did not add any dependencies to the the project. I still see the issue when building with the update site.

Hi @jesknime,

Can you share the content of the dependencies tab in the Plugin Manifest Editor of your plugin with us?


The only Required Plug-in listed is the org.knime.core(4.4.1). There are no imported packages.

Is there any more information I need to provide? Are you able to reproduce my issue?

Hi @jesknime

Did you add any libraries packaged as jars to your project? The second implementation of the parsers package needs to come from somewhere… :thinking:

Like I said in my original post, I created a new workspace and followed the quick start developer guide found here Create a New KNIME Extension: Quickstart Guide.

The only thing I changed in the wizard created project was to add code to create a SAXParser. The code I added only uses jre classes from the java.xml module. I did not add any jars or libraries. I did not modify any configurations. I am using the latest version of eclipse and

What is strange is the node works as expected when KNIME is launched from my Eclipse IDE. It is only when the node is built by the update site does the error appear in the If the node is installed into a KNIME installation the node produces the error found in the log file.

Ok that is indeed super strange,
can you share your project with us? I’d like to investigate this and provide you with a solution that way.
You could also try building the update site using tycho, as described here