ERROR Keras Network Learner - Failed to receive message from Python or forward received message.

I keep getting these errors when running Keras Network Learner Node. What am I doing wrong here?

ERROR Keras Network Learner 0:58 java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.Exception: Failed to receive message from Python or forward received message.
ERROR Keras Network Learner 0:58 Execute failed: An error occured during training of the Keras deep learning network. See log for details.

Name Version Build Channel

_tflow_select 2.2.0 eigen
absl-py 0.6.1 py36_0
arrow-cpp 0.11.1 py36h8e05e8c_0
astor 0.7.1 py36_0
blas 1.0 mkl
ca-certificates 2018.03.07 0
certifi 2018.10.15 py36_0
gast 0.2.0 py36_0
gflags 2.2.2 ha925a31_0
glog 0.3.5 h6538335_1
grpcio 1.16.1 py36h351948d_1
h5py 2.8.0 py36h3bdd7fb_2
hdf5 1.10.2 hac2f561_1
icc_rt 2017.0.4 h97af966_0
intel-openmp 2019.1 144
jedi 0.13.1 py36_0
keras 2.1.6 py36_0
keras-applications 1.0.6 py36_0
keras-preprocessing 1.0.5 py36_0
libboost 1.67.0 hd9e427e_4
libprotobuf 3.6.1 h7bd577a_0
lz4-c h2fa13f4_0
markdown 3.0.1 py36_0
mkl 2018.0.3 1
mkl_fft 1.0.6 py36hdbbee80_0
mkl_random 1.0.1 py36h77b88f5_1
numpy 1.15.4 py36ha559c80_0
numpy-base 1.15.4 py36h8128ebf_0
openssl 1.1.1a he774522_0
pandas 0.23.4 py36h830ac7b_0
parso 0.3.1 py36_0
pip 18.1 py36_0
protobuf 3.6.1 py36h33f27b4_0
python 3.6.7 h33f27b4_1
python-dateutil 2.7.5 py36_0
pytz 2018.7 py36_0
pyyaml 3.13 py36hfa6e2cd_0
scipy 1.1.0 py36h4f6bf74_1
setuptools 40.6.2 py36_0
six 1.11.0 py36_1
snappy 1.1.7 h777316e_3
tensorboard 1.12.0 py36he025d50_0
tensorflow 1.12.0 eigen_py36h67ac661_0
tensorflow-base 1.12.0 eigen_py36h45df0d8_0
termcolor 1.1.0 py36_1
thrift-cpp 0.11.0 h1ebf3fd_3
vc 14.1 h0510ff6_4
vs2015_runtime 14.15.26706 h3a45250_0
werkzeug 0.14.1 py36_0
wheel 0.32.3 py36_0
wincertstore 0.2 py36h7fe50ca_0
xz 5.2.4 h2fa13f4_4
yaml 0.1.7 hc54c509_2
zlib 1.2.11 h62dcd97_3
zstd 1.3.3 hfe6a214_0

Hi kibec,

could you post the full stack trace?
You can find it under View->Open KNIME log.
Does the DL Network Executor work?



Hi nemad,

The Network Executor work fine.

Knime log attached.

Thank you

knimelog.txt (65.6 KB)

Thanks for the log.

Does your network contain an embedding layer?
There seems to be an issue with an input that contains an index outside of the embeddings range (the index is 66 and the range is [0, 34]).



Thank you!