Error loading factory class in Credit Scoring Example

Help, I'm using KNIME for the first time and would like to run the example project Credit Scoring (in Applications). 

I have copied the example from the server into my workspace, installed the KNIME Ensemble Learning Methods extension and the KNIME Math Expression (JEP) extension.

When I reopen my saved workspace, the following error is thrown:

 Status: Error: Unable to load factory class "org.knime.ext.jep.JEPNodeFactory"

What can I do about this?


Sorry, it looks like you have already installed the KNIME Math Expression Node extension. Can you please check if the node is available in the Node Repository?


What is the name of the node that should be available, is it the Math Formula node under Misc? If so, that node is available (as it was tuesday when I posted my question).

However, after rebooting my laptop today & reopening KNIME, I had to switch my workspace back to my personal workspace (apparently settings as default were lost). The project was kept, but I had to reinstall the extensions. After doing this and restarting KNIME again, I don't get the same error again.  

So thanks, the problem seems solved.