error loading information to bigquery

Hello everyone,

I tell you that I am trying to upload some data to a repository that I have in bigquery but with the upload information node it generates this error:

Hi, it appears that you didn’t set the dataset for the update node. Did you set both, dataset and table at the update node?



Hello, yes, in theory if you are well configured as I show you in the following images:

OK, but I believe that you need to set as:

database : your server / localhsot / IP …
schema: the database itself - “dataset_conectando_futuros”
Table: the table that you set - “Bene_Fami_Accion”

Try it…



Thank you very much, I took a vacation and the schema that you asked me for was actually the base with which you find in bigquery:

thank you very much for the contribution

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