Error loading library at node R

Good day,

In the moment I am loading a library the R, but I get the following error 
(> library (lubridate)
Error in library(lubridate) : there is no package called 'lubridate')

This package it can load direct from R without problem.

KNIME is directed to work from direct R folder in the computer.

Thanks, for your help

Hello, Could you share the location where the R was set in KNIME? You can see (and also set) from File | Preferences | KNIME | R | Path to R Home. (It should not include R's bin folder.)

HI,  This is the route in the KNIME preferences  (C:\Program Files\R\R-3.1.3)


Hi aborg, the problem and solution was, what I did was leave default settings R KNIME and copy directly from the libraries of the necessary library in R folder R KNIME.

Thanks for your help.