Error: Loading Model Settings Failed: Coding Issue: null

I have 3 settings model initialized in dialog. Two settings model get changed upon changing value of first setting model. When I click on apply * Validate settings * and *Load setting from validated * gets called and I am able to save the workflow.

However, when I open that workflow again, I get an error *Error: Loading Model Settings Failed: Coding Issue: null*.

Although after clicking on OK button, KNIME is openend. But there is a warning icon on m node. When I open the dialog all the settings that I have saved is saved there. But that warning icon is still there. When I click on apply again, then that icon goes.

So my question is can I avoid settings validation and load, when i open the saved worflow?

Because anyways when i click on apply settings are validated and loaded. So is there a need for validating it before opening the workflow?

What can be the probable reason for this warning and can we suppress this?

Please reply.

I am stuck here for days.

Hi schou,

that looks like you are having a NullPointerException in your #validateSettings() method. Can you debug or have a look into the KNIME log (View -> Open KNIME log)? Maybe one of your settings model has not been initialized.