Error: "Loading model settings failed" on Start

I keep getting these errors on start. This might be happened after installing DL4J learner extension. How can i fix these errors?

Hi @erawolf,

I’m sorry that you are having troubles with this Extension. Are you opening a workflow containing these nodes? If so, could you attach the workflow? Also, could you maybe attach the KNIME log? Which version of KNIME are you using?


Thank for responding @DaveK,
this is the workflow that i was working on. when you try to configure and apply or okay the configuration, the error occurs. I do not know how to attach the KNIME log and i am using KNIME 4.0.0
dl4j.knwf (37.6 KB)

Hi @erawolf,

you can find the log file in your workspace folder under /.metadata/knime/knime.log. I tried opening your workflow but unfortunately I could not reproduce the errors. Could you try to delete the DL4J nodes and replace them with new ones from the node repository?


I’m getting same errors. When I try to click DL4J Feedforward Leaner and configure it, i can’t close to configuration windows without clicking cancel. Therefore, i can’t configure it. Here is the log file. Delete and replacing node did not help. Getting same error. knime.log (574.0 KB)

I created an example workflow. Does this one work for you?

dl4j_test.knwf (21.6 KB)

When i launch it, i get these errors on start:

dl4j_test.knwf 0 loaded with errors
dl4j_test.knwf 0
Convolution Layer 0:2
Loading model settings failed: String for key “kernel_sıze” not found.
Pooling Layer 0:3
Loading model settings failed: String for key “kernel_sıze” not found.
Convolution Layer 0:4
Loading model settings failed: String for key “kernel_sıze” not found.
Pooling Layer 0:5
Loading model settings failed: String for key “kernel_sıze” not found.

But yet, it opens. After executing all nodes successfully and trying to configure the feedforward leaner, i can’t apply or okay the settings. Even without doing nothing. It returns this error:

Invalid settings:
String key for “ımage_sıze” not found.

Hi @erawolf,

I found the problem. It’s a bug in our code that only happening on OS’s with Turkish locale (and probably some other locales too). I happened to discover your other post in another old thread which greatly helped. I did not notice the missing dot in the Turkish ‘i’ character in “kernel_sıze”. In general, please do not post in year old threads. However, thank you very much for the hint. I’ll fix it for the next bugfix release.
As a workaround you can fix it for the time being by telling KNIME to use English locale by adding the line:
to your knime.ini located in your KNIME installation directory.

Furthermore, you could think about switching to our Keras Integration as a replacement for DL4J. Keras generally offers more extensive functionality than our DL4J Integration.

Sorry for the troubles.


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