ERROR Loop End: Loop Body wired incorrectly (Branches are not permitted to leave loops!).

I am wring a flow and now encountering a bug when running loop.
By looping value in Group start, following node will capture required data. Once 1st loop data is done, it is expected to go to loop 2nd loop data, but there is an error in Loop End saying that: Loop Body wired incorrectly (Branches are not permitted to leave loops!)., Causing the loop cannot proceed and end expectedly.

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What exactly is the question?

The error is telling you what the problem is: your loop is wired incorrectly. You can’t have data exit the main body of a loop (i.e. without going through the loop end node).

You haven’t shared the workflow, and we can only see a tiny fraction in your screenshot so troubleshooting here is going to be limited.


Hi Elsamuel, thanks for your reply. Current issue is, data cannot pass to loop end node to trigger next group start. Not sure what is wrong with the group flow design

@Joey666 each loop has to be closed. You can inspect what nodes the loop covers by richt clicking on the node.

More about loops you can find here:

If you can upload an example one might be able to take a look.

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