Error on importing KNIME workflow into Local Workspace

Hi KNIME Team,

I had been using KNIME v5.2.1 since 13 Feb 2024 morning until 3pm. Suddenly, KNIME UI has stopped due to an error. Thereafter, all the workflows saved in the Local Workspace was not visible.

I had searched the KNIME Forum for similar queries, but I still could not figured out how to recover the workflows in my Local Workspace.

I had uninstalled the KNIME application and restart my laptop at 6:17pm. At 7:51pm, I re-installed the KNIME application, I could not import workflows into the Local Workspace or load the previously saved workflows from my C:\Users\snow_\knime-workspace.

I have attached the KNIME log and some error log screenshots.

Greatly appreciate your advice.

KNIME Log_13Feb2024 .txt (53.6 KB)

Hi KNIME Team,

This is the latest update on the above issue. I have un-installed, re-installed KNIME v5.2.1 and created a new workspace (empty folder), and able to create new workgroup & import new workflow.

Reference to screenshot# 1, I tried to import the old KNIME structure into the new workspace. However, there are errors during the import. In addition, this import of old structure also affected the new workgroup and new workflow created in the new KNIME structure.

Reference to screenshot# 2, I noticed that the workflows in the old KNIME structure are not in *.knwf extension, but has become folders icon. Can these old workflows be imported into the new local workspace?

Reference to screenshot# 3, I had exported KNIME workflow for the entire Local Workspace in the old KNIME structure to my local drive. By default, it was exported as file name: “knime-export.knar.knwf.” I tried to import the duplicated copy of this file extension " knime-export.knar.knwf." after removing the .knar. It did not appear in the new KNIME workspace.

Greatly appreciate your advice.

Screenshot 3_Export old KNIME workflows

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