Error parse date in defaultValue

I want to set the default date as the current date - 2 days and so that it can be changed in the settings. But an error occurs. An error with the date type or with the date and time type.

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Can you please show us the configuration window of the node?

Or can you share your workflow?

Hi @bruno29a

Workflow - datetime_configuration – KNIME Hub

hi @deas

You need to use Date&Time with Timezone in the first node.

This will generate the flow variable in a format which the configuration node will understand.


Hi @Iris

It works. Thank you.

Hello @deas,

Another option can be to use Create Date&Time Range node with current execution date option and number of rows 1. This will give you current date in single row. Then follow it with Date&Time Difference node and Table Row to Variable.

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