Error ReporteRs in Knime

Hi all,

Currently I have been using Knime and R (collaboratively) for a few months now. I was able to create some nice PowerPoints in R studio using the ReporRs package in R. However when I try to implement that library in Knime, I get the following error message: 

> #load libraries
> library(ggplot2)
> library(rJava)
> library(ReporteRsjars)
> library(ReporteRs)

Error : .onLoad failed in loadNamespace() for 'ReporteRs', details:
  call: .jcall("java.lang.System", "S", "setProperty", "file.encoding", 
  error: RcallMethod: cannot determine object class
In addition: Warning message:
package 'ReporteRs' was built under R version 3.2.3 
Error: package or namespace load failed for 'ReporteRs'

Does anyone know how to fix this so I can use the ReporteRs library of R inside Knime. 

Thanks in advance!