Error response with status code '500' - opening jobs on the KNIME server

Hello everybody,

we use a KNIME server small license with the KNIME executor version 4.9.0.
It was been updated last week from a former version.

But now everytime we want to open a job in the standard KNIME GUI, to look were are the problems threw executing or which node is currently working we get an error message:


It doesn’t matter if the job has finished the execution or if it is currently running.
Somebody knows what the message means and how i can handle it?

best regards,

Hi Carfisch,

it looks like that the KNIME Server Executor (that accompanies the KNIME Server) hasn’t been updated to 4.0.0. Workflow execution possibly still work with an older executor. However in order to be able to view (and edit) a job you’ll need the executor to be 4.0.0.

In order to update a KNIME Server executor please check

If the update fails please install a new KNIME Server Executor from scratch (which can, e.g., be downloaded here)



Hi Martin,

I had to install a new version of the KNIME executor. But now it works fine.
Thank you for your help!

Best regards,

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