ERROR Row Splitter 0:24 Execute failed: Java heap space



I am getting this error on using Row Splitter after completing 50%.

Friday it was executing without any error.

I tried - Execute failed: Java heap space. Still the error comes after completing 85%.

Please help.



Hi there @hvmadhusudhana,

Same data set was executing just fine on Friday and now is failing with memory issues? How many RAM you have on your computer and how much have you given to KNIME?


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Hi @hvmadhusudhana,
as @ipazin hinted at, you can change the amount of RAM that KNIME takes at a maximum. Please see here for more info about that.
Kind regards

Ah, I see that is what was suggested in the posted link. Maybe you can try streaming.

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did you make any changes to your Workflow, KAP or the files you’re reading since Friday?

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Hi Everybody,

My Heart Felt Thanks to All.

I repeated my work with a New Workflow. Everything is working now…

– Madhu