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I’m a University Student and for my subject Data Science I have to use knime to solve a kaggle problem. Therefore I’m very inexperienced using knime.
It’s a group project and my part is using a neural network for solving the problem.

My problem is that in the end the Scorer node will stop at 50% with the Error “Execute failed: Java heap space”.

After consulting google the only solution I found was increase the memory space.
But after increasing it from 2GB to 10 GB I still get the same problem.

I hope someone here can help me with my problem.

Thank you

Hi @Woodstone and welcome to the forum.

It seems strange that the Scorer mode would exhibit this kind of failure. My first thought is that maybe you’re not using the appropriate columns for scoring? Generally you’re going to use (for example) Target in your first column and Prediction (Target) in your second column. If you’re instead including confidence or probabilities you could end up with a large matrix which might cause memory problems.

Can you upload the current version of your workflow so someone can take a look?

Hi @ScottF,

thanks for your fast reply.
I exported the workflow and I hope I got the Upload right.
I’m not sure if it works right with just the workflow because we use a dictionary with the String Replacer and I’m not sure if this is included.

Thanks in advance

Problem Scorer.knwf (127.7 KB)

Hmm. Without the data it’s hard to evaluate. Do you have a sample of your data you could upload?

Even a screenshot of the Scorer configuration would help me understand if it’s the problem I described above.

I could upload all data but since were all inexperienced in KNIME it’s not a really nice solution so there are 43 String Replacer in a row, all of which are using a dictionary :smiley:

But here are the Screenshots of the Scorer.
I hope that could help

Oh, I should have caught this before. :upside_down_face:

If you’re doing numeric predictions, you should use the Numeric Scorer node. The Scorer node is for classification.


Oh thank you :smiley:
The Numeric Scorer definitely works
I think tomorrow I will look into that.

How I can see the accuary with that node

But thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

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