ERROR Send to Tableau Server

Hi all,
When trying to publish a datasource to tableau server via “send to tableau server”, I am getting the following error message and I’m a bit lost as what to do.

ERROR Send to Tableau Server 0:10 Execute failed: Failed to start a new Hyper instance.
Context: 0x86a93465

The Hyper server process exited during startup with exit code: 1
Command-line: ““C:\Program Files\KNIME…\Users\kuaq6n.eclipse\org.eclipse.platform_4.15.0_903338280_win32_win32_x86_64\plugins\\tableauhyperapi-windows-x86_64-0.0.11074\lib\hyper\hyperd.exe” “–database=C:\Users\kuaq6n\AppData\Local\Temp\hyper_db_ss2Z2n68” “–date-style=MDY” “–date-style-lenient=false” “–init=overwrite” “–init-user=tableau_internal_user” “–language=en_US” “–log-config=file,json,all,hyperd,0” “–log-dir=C:\WINDOWS\system32” “–no-password=true” “–skip-license=true” “–listen-connection” “tab.pipe://./pipe/auto” “–callback-connection” “tab.pipe://./pipe/{CBAFDAFD-E6A2-4717-9551-BE92802E05FF}” “run” "
Child process’ stderr:
Unable to open log file: CreateFileW(”\?\C:\Windows\System32\hyperd.log"): Zugriff verweigert
FileListener in error state after initial rotate()

Context: 0x13cead20

Can anyone help?

Hi @steffi ,

What version of KNIME are you currently running?

We had an issue before in older versions where the hyper.log file was being written to a location that the AP User account did not normally have access to, which caused an error for the write permissions. It has since been changed in 4.3.0 + to write the hyper.log file to a temporary folder instead of what I see here of: C:\Windows\System32.

You can also test fixing the issue by giving the user kuaq6n access to write C:\Windows\System32\ but this may not be advised or allowed on your system.


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Hi Zack @ztrubow ,
Thanks for the hint. That was it. I reinstalled KNIME and it worked fine afterwards :slight_smile: