ERROR SharePoint Online List Writer

Hello everyone,
I want to write data in Excel into SharePoint List, but there is an error in SharePoint Online List Writer. May I ask how to solve this error.
Thanks in advance.


Could anyone help me ?

Hi My master @takbb

Could you help me?

Hi @Banksy, always a pleasure :slight_smile: but unfortunately in this case I have no experience of using SharePoint with KNIME, and I don’t think I’ve even used it outside of KNIME other than to read a company’s HR policy (because I was once having trouble sleeping! :wink: )

I don’t know of a publicly available SharePoint server to play with to try anything out either.

A web search tells me what we already know from the message you’ve shown, that 403 is access denied.

All I can suggest is the basic troubleshooting that I’d do involving lots of googling in the hope that something similar flags up. There are certainly plenty of hits for “SharePoint 403 error” :wink:

Which version of KNIME are you using?

Are you able to write a SharePoint List (if that’s the right expression; I don’t even know what that is!) outside of KNIME?

Can you “read” a list (or do anything else with SharePoint ) inside of KNIME?

Have you tried using @AnotherFraudUser’s SharePoint nodes (and if so what was the result?):

Nodes: sharepoint – AF Utilities, SharePointUtil – KNIME Hub

Basic troubleshooting would start with me trying to gauge whether your problem is :slight_smile:
(1) Just this specific SharePoint node, or incorrect config of this node, or
(2) Just the specific SharePoint function that this node is trying to perform, or
(3) SharePoint access inside of KNIME, or
(4) SharePoint access in general (outside of KNIME) or
(5) Something you need to do locally to fix a permissions issue, or
(6) Something that needs the assistance of a SharePoint administrator to fix a permissions problem

sorry I haven’t anything else to offer at the moment.

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Hi @takbb ,I’m glad you could answer my question and I’m very grateful to you.

Now I will answer your questions:
(1) My version of KNIME is 4.6.3.
(2) I have set up a List in SharePoint and now I want to use KNIME to import the data in Excel into SharePoint List.
(3) I can use the “SharePoint Online List Reader Node” to read data from the SharePoint List.
(4) I’ve tried using @AnotherFraudUser’s SharePoint nodes, but I don’t know how to use these nodes to link to SharePoint, and I don’t see any of these nodes about writing to SharePoint List.

This is the SharePoint List I created

I read from the SharePoint List using KNIME

This is the data I want to put in the SharePoint List using KNIME

Anyway, I’m glad to see you here again, my master.

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It states access denied so I am wondering whether you can upload something to your specified folder. You might want to check that

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Hi @Daniel_Weikert
Thank you for your answer. You mean upload to SharePoint using KNIME?


Upload to the folder without KNIME

Hi @Banksy ,

Your user will most likely need the “Sites.Manage.All” role in order to create or delete Sharepoint Lists. Please confirm this and then try using the node to write a Sharepoint list.


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