Error starting KNIME

This is an error that I see at the console when I start KNIME AP.
I have 5.2.4 on Windows 11.
ERROR RepositoryManager Category ‘python-nodes’ from plugin ‘org.knime.python3.nodes.testing’ could not be created in parent path ‘/testing/’.
ERROR RepositoryFactory Locked parent category for category testing. Category will NOT be added!

Does it have anything to do with the fact that I can’t get the Keras network learner to work?

Any clue how to solve those issues?

Hi @lsandinop,

this issue is quite elusive and bugs some Knimers erratically. Since it is difficult to reproduce and so far no clear cause has been identified, resolving it makes it even more difficult.

Please feel free to add your comment in this post where I collected all corresponding posts:


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