Error String to Date & Time Node


I have a dataset with some date columns in string format like Apr 11, 2021 . I am unable to convert those using the string to date&time node in KNIME. Anyone can please help.

Note that in the date columns I have some missing cells, wherever there is missing the final output should be missing as well.

Many Thanks!
Omprakash Jena

Can you share your workflow and/or your data? I have no issues doing this conversion.
Try using the date format that matches your string: MMM dd, yyyy


Thanks @elsamuel for the quick response!

I was trying with MMM DD, YYYY and getting the error. Now, as you suggested I tried with MMM dd, yyyy and its working for the cells where the string is Apr 11, 2021. However its not working where the string is in Apr 9, 2021. I have mentioned a sample data below -

Apr 9, 2021
Aug 7, 2021
Oct 2, 2021
Apr 30, 2021
Apr 15, 2021
May 25, 2021
? (missing)
? (missing)
? (missing)

Many Thanks!
Omprakash Jena

In your original post you said that you had strings with 2 digit dates, so that’s the format I suggested.
Now you’re saying you also have single digit dates, I would try switching the format to MMM d, yyyy.


Thanks @elsamuel ! Now it worked with MMM d, yyyy. Please let me know if this format is incorrect for the given dataset above.

Many Thanks!
Omprakash Jena

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