Error String to Number


I’m new to KNIME. I’m preparing the workflow for a Rule Association Analysis, and thus trying to convert string to number, but it keeps showing the same error.

Captura de Pantalla 2020-12-03 a la(s) 11.57.44 a. m.
This is the workflow till now

I already updated the thousands and decimal separator, but still doesn’t work
Could you please help me? Thanks!

Hi @lat_azy

Welcome to the KNIME Forum. It looks like there are white-spaces in your “string-numbers”. Try a String Manipulation node to remove al space characters.
Screenshot from 2020-12-03 18-39-12 .
gr. Hans


Beside that, the decimal separator seems wrong – . vs ,



Hi! How can I change the separator. I tried with replacer node but didn’t work. Thanks!

Thanks. I could change it using the same node String Manipulation

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This one you can simply configure in the String to Number dialog. There’s an input which literally says “Decimal separator” :slight_smile:


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