Error TF: Execute failed:Javaheap space

Dear Knime Community,
I recently have been registered and tried to use Knime Analytics in order to mine text data from pdfs.
I have been followed the guidance so far and came to a point od using TF on Bag of Words.
BUT I faced the error: TF: Execute failed:Javaheap space.

Could you please explain what is it about?
Is it my computer’s limited capabilities? What are the minimum characteristics my computer should have in order to complete the process of analyzing?

Thank you very much for your time :slight_smile:
Ioanna P.

Hi @papadopi,

You can increase your Java heap memory by editing the knime.ini.

Best Regards


Hi there @papadopi,

Might be but probably not :slight_smile:

Depends on what are you analyzing :smiley:

Most likely increasing memory assigned to KNIME will solve your problem but also searching this forum for similar topics (performance) will be beneficial to you :wink:


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