Error to SQL failed conforming to 'UniqueIdentifier'

Good morning, hope you are well! I have an error when inserting a data in SQL . There is an ID field that is of type . How can I insert a data of this type? I am currently creating a code as an ID and I have never inserted a data before from knime.

ERROR DB Writer 3:90:94:9:72:85:93:86 Execute failed: Error while adding rows #-1000 - #0, reason: 107072;Syntax error converting data for distribution. Input value ‘82C6539FBC849021B6FEB7083D9E9535’ failed conforming to ‘UniqueIdentifier’

Hi @DanielaQ , a few questions…

What is the table and column definition for the db table you are inserting into?

What is the actual data type of the ID column, as it wasn’t clear from your question. Commonly identity columns are actually numeric but can of course be other data types.

What is the database type and what db connector node are you using to connect?

What is the data that you are currently trying to insert? (if the data is sensitive then what is the format of the data?)

My guess from the Error message is that it is expecting the supplied id to be given as a unique identifier in the format of a GUID, rather than the string that you are supplying.


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