error uknown column ? in reader

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i have an error in excel writer “EXECUTE FAILED:unsupported comun type ? please remove corresponding columns from input table”, but i have multiple input table as you can see in the image. I tried with teh TRANSOFRMATION label in every reader to transform the ? column in “STRING” but it doesn t work. Anyone can help me?
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You can turn a column with the ? type to string using the String Manipulation or String Manipulation (Multi Column) node and the expression string($colname$). But I would suggest to check where the ? type comes from. I assume that the files that you read in the loop are parsed differently in different iterations, e.g. in iteration one column ABC is a string, but in iteration 2 it is an integer. This will lead to mixed types in the Loop End and the column gets a ? type. Maybe you can fix either the files or the column types in the loop before collecting, then the types should be correct.
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