Error Unable to find 'msvcr100.dll' at hadoop home creation.

Just started with KNIME and I get this message when the system opens.
I imagine I can find the dll but I’d like advice to the target location.

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Hi Tim,

Could you please elaborate on how you ran into this issue?
Which version of KNIME Analytics Platform was used, which Nodes/authentication did you use?


Hi @MichaelRespondek , I started getting this warning too for a while now. I don’t remember after which extension I installed, but it’s an extension that’s trying to initialize Hadoop.

There is no specific node that generates this warning. I see this warning as soon as my Knime AP is loaded, without any workflow loaded/opened. I appears in the Console:
WARN HadoopInitializer Unable to find 'msvcr100.dll' at hadoop home creation.

I ignore it for now since it’s just a warning and not an error, and also as it’s not impacting anything that I am doing. It would indeed be nice to know what’s causing this.

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Thanks @bruno29a for the additional details.
It seems as if the error is raised by a missing which should be a dependency of the “KNIME Big Data Connectors” extension on Windows. Could you please try to install the mentioned extension, this should solve your issues.

If you don’t need HDFS access you could also ignore the error message.



No problem @MichaelRespondek .

I don’t really need this extension, nor am I using HDFS, but for the sake of checking for other members, I can confirm that I no longer have this warning after installing the KNIME Big Data Connectors extension:

Thank you for this @MichaelRespondek


Thank you for your confirmation that installing of the KNIME Big Data Connector extension solved the triggering of the warning @bruno29a.
We will try to reproduce the issue and fix it, so that the installation of the extension would not be needed to fix the warning.
Thanks for mentioning it @timh.

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@bruno29a and @timh: Could you please tell us the version number of the KNIME Analytics Platform as well as the installed (additional) extensions?
Background: We had a bug regarding the dependencies but it should have been already fixed with version 4.4.2.
Therefore it would be good to see if your issue is caused by a different extension if you are already on a version >= 4.4.2.

Hi @MichaelRespondek , I’m on 4.5.1 on my side.

I can see the list of my installed extension, but how can I copy the list to show you?

I can show you a screenshot in the mean time:

And these at the bottom (outside the screenshot):
Palladian for KNIME: Additional Hashing Algorithms
Palladian for KNIME: OAuth nodes [BETA]
RDKit Nodes Feature
Vernalist KNIME Nodes

EDIT: Some additional info:
Based on the history, the latest additions were (most recent first):
KNIME Integrated Deployment (BIRT Engine)
Update from 4.5 to 4.5.1
KNIME Image Processing

It could be that one of these changes started giving me that warning message.

Hi @bruno29a

If you select “Installation History” tab, then you can copy the text inside the “Configuration Content” window. Is that what you need ?

Hope it helps.



Hey @aworker , I tried highlighting the list with the mouse, but could not. I would only select 1 line. That’s why I could not copy the list.

However, it looks like CTRL+A works. And I can even do this in the “Installed Software” tab too (same behaviour for highlighting).

But thank you for pointing out that we can copy like this :slight_smile:

@MichaelRespondek , here’s my list:

AI.Associates Signal Processing Nodes 1.3.0.v202002271515
Barcode Nodes
KNIME Analytics Platform 4.5.1.v202201200941
KNIME Basic File System Connectors 4.5.1.v202201171148
KNIME Big Data Connectors 4.5.1.v202201171147
KNIME Connectors for Common Databases 4.5.0.v202107011901
KNIME Data Generation 4.5.0.v202107011901
KNIME Database 4.5.1.v202201171148
KNIME Ensemble Learning Wrappers 4.5.0.v202111151053
KNIME Excel Support 4.5.1.v202201171148
KNIME Expressions 4.5.1.v202201171148
KNIME Extension providing the Chromium Browser 91.0.4472.77
KNIME External Tool Support 4.5.0.v202108040739
KNIME Google Connectors 4.5.0.v202108091156
KNIME HCS Tools 4.0.0.v202007151505
KNIME Hub Integration 4.14.1.v202201171151
KNIME Image Processing
KNIME Indexing and Searching 4.5.1.v202201171149
KNIME Integrated Deployment 4.5.0.v202112011255
KNIME JavaScript Views 4.5.1.v202201171149
KNIME Javasnippet 4.5.0.v202110181249
KNIME JSON-Processing 4.5.0.v202112011703
KNIME Math Expression (JEP) 4.5.0.v202107011902
KNIME MongoDB Integration 4.5.0.v202111261629
KNIME Network Mining 4.5.0.v202110151442
KNIME NGS tools 0.2.300.qualifier
KNIME Personal Productivity Tools 4.5.0.v202112012002
KNIME Public Server Access 4.5.0.v202201171151
KNIME Python Integration 4.5.1.v202201171150
KNIME Python Scripting extension 4.1.1.v202012070656
KNIME Quick Forms 4.5.0.v202201191049
KNIME R Scripting extension 4.0.0.v202009100739
KNIME REST Client Extension 4.5.1.v202201171150
KNIME ServerSpace 4.14.1.v202201171151
KNIME Snowflake Integration 4.5.1.v202201171151
KNIME Statistics Nodes 4.5.0.v202107151705
KNIME Streaming Execution (Beta) 4.5.0.v202107020814
KNIME Testing Framework 4.5.0.v202111152041
KNIME Testing Framework UI 4.5.0.v202111152041
KNIME Textprocessing 4.5.0.v202112011101
KNIME Timeseries nodes 4.5.0.v202107011904
KNIME Twitter Connectors 4.5.0.v202107011904
KNIME Web Service Client 4.5.1.v202201171153
KNIME XML-Processing 4.5.1.v202201171153
Palladian for KNIME
Palladian for KNIME: Additional Hashing Algorithms
Palladian for KNIME: OAuth nodes [BETA]
RDKit Nodes Feature 4.5.0.v202112211816
Vernalis KNIME Nodes 1.30.4.v202202041114
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Thank you all, I will forward the list of extensions as well as the used KAP version to the developer.
I will get back to you with our findings.

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As a remedy, i copied it from the last directory shown to the indicated KNIME directories.
Not elegant but no more warnings.

I meet the same warning while using knime 4.5.2. I try to configure a minimal knime4.5.2 without any BigData-related plugins, and the message appears. Everything works well after installing Big Data Connectors, and the warning disappears.

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