ERROR using GPT-3 Info Completion Nodes

Now, i’m learning about this workflow
GPT3 Component and workflow

But, I’m having problems running GPT-3 Info Completion Nodes

What can i do for solve this problem?


Interesting node.
The python dictionary is missing the choices key.
Did you use your API key to sign in correctly?

thanks for the question.
but I don’t know that it asked to enter API-Key …

Do I have to sign in to OpenAI API to get the API-Key ?

If I already have an API, where should I put the API?

Is it on line 37 that says ‘api-key’
I replace it with my API?

Sorry, I’ve never studied about this before.


I have replaced the API-Key using the API Keys that I got on openAI. But why do I still get the error message like on below ?
IndentationError: unexpected indent

The API Key can be directly inserted into the Node cofiguration if you scroll down. There is no need to open the component and modify the python code


thanks for your help.
My problems is solved!


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