Error using Sharepoint Writer Node

I’m trying to use the new version 4.6 Sharepoint Writer Node.
It is possible to create the lists but when it comes to posting items into it, the error “1 error(s) during execution: Field ‘DocIcon’ is read-only (status: 403, code: accessDenied, context: Write row 0)” is shown.

Is there a way to prevent the node from updating the DocIcon if access to it is prohibited for a Sharepoint?

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Can you please clarify that the node in consideration is “Sharepoint Online List Writer” as there is no “Sharepoint Writer” node in KNIME Analytics Platform?
There isn’t a way to prevent Doclcon from updating from node configuration. You would require the permissions to write as read-only permissions is not enough. Please review the documentation on Doclcon.xml for more information on this link

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