Error when accessing file with mountpoint after update to KNIME 3.3/KNIME Server 4.4

For my workflows I'm using KNIME and KNIME WebPortal as frontend. Until recently I could use JSONReader to read data from a file within my workspace and could therefor utilize a mountpoint relative URL to make it work in KNIME Analytics Platform & in the WebPortal. The string with the filepath (knime://knime.mountpoint/config/BasicConfig.json) is passed in form of a workflow variable.

After the upgrade to KNIME 3.3 and hence the upgrade to KNIME Server to 4.4, none of my workflows that uses the JSON FileReader to read data in the described form, works anymore when executed within the WebPortal, the execution within the platform still works fine. The error is always like:

Are you already using the latest 4.4.1 version?

I actually don't use the most recent version right now. After I updated Analytics Platform & KNIME Server I will come back to this thread if the problem persists. Thanks.

Hi KNIME Team,

This is just to add, that even after updating to the latest Server (4.4.1) and Executor (3.3.2) Version, the Bone90's problem still persists.
The main workflow flow variable is called defaultBasicConfig and defined as knime://knime.mountpoint/config/BasicConfig.json. The respective file is located at /config/ and all users have full control to this folder.
When launching the workflow locally, everything works fine. When using the WebPortal (different repo as local, but has a copy of the file), the following error appears:

Execute failed: Can't access 'knime://knime.mountpoint/config/BasicConfig.json'. (Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL: http:// : /KNIMEWebPortal/rest/v4/repository/config/BasicConfig.json:data)

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

Did you already have a look at the server's log files?

Attached is the TomEE log file when the error occurs.



It looks like you are a Server Lite user. In this case please contact directly.