Error when opening interactive view for Javascript Scatter and Line Plot nodes on desktop


I get a dialog box with the error "TypeError: Object doesn't support this property or method" when I try to open the interactive view of a Javascript Line Plot or Javascript Scatter plot node. When I dismiss the error dialog box, the view window is empty. Note that the image outport renders and displays properly.

I'm attaching a simple example workflow to demonstrate. Note that I have not tested the other Javascript view nodes, so I can't say whether they produce the same error.

I'm using KNIME desktop version 2.12



I just tried your workflow and the views opened ok for me. Can you tell me which OS you use and if on Windows which IE version is currently present on your system or on Linux which WebKit version?

I'm using Windows 7 Pro, Service Pack 1.

Ahhh... I usually use Chrome as my browser, but I just tried to open IE and apparently it's corrupted (I get the error dialog "Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working"). So I will try to repair IE and see if that fixes the issue with the JS nodes in KNIME. Sound reasonable?


Yes, at the moment the JavaScript views will always be displayed on Internet Explorer when running in Windows. So if IE does not work properly or is not present, the views won't work either.

Hi. I fixed Internet Explorer, however the error in KNIME persists. I am using Internet Explorer 8 (our corporate standard browser).

After a little research, it appears IE8 doesn't support some javascript functions. For example, the trim function isn't supported. See

Also, in case it's relevant, jQuery 2.0 isn't supported by IE8 (you must use an earlier version of jQuery).

This is unfortunate as I was planning to rely on the javascript features to improve workflow visualization and interactivity in the desktop and our KNIME web portal.

Any possible fixes for this?



unfortunately you won't get very far with IE8. Most of the visualizations rely on SVG support in the browser and IE8 does not support that. I should also point out that Microsoft's support for IE8 is going to end at the beginning of 2016.

As far as jQuery goes, we bundle both versions with our release one from the 1.11 branch and one from 2.1. So far we used the 1.11 jQuery for our views and didn't need any of the 2.x features.

If you are free to choose your browser for the WebPortal, as long as you are not using IE8 or below you should be fine.

In a future release we also plan on being able to use other browsers to open the views in the application, but we don't have this feature ready yet.

Hope this helps you a bit,

Christian, thanks very much for the information. 

We can use non-IE browsers, so as you point out, this at least gives us the possibility of better interactivity in the web portal via Javascript.

I'm looking forward to being able to use non-IE Javascript views in the desktop in the future.