Error when running "Open TIBCO Spotfire" node

I would like to open TIBCO Spotfire from KNIME by using the "Open TIBCO Spotfire" node. I installed the 32 bit Version of KNIME, downloaded the Spotfire plugin of KNIME and built the COM bridge as described here:
TIBCO Spotfire is installed as well of course.

However, when I run the node I get the following error message:

"ERROR TibcoSpotfireAdapter            Exception while starting Spotfire: 8007007b Die Syntax für den Dateinamen, Verzeichnisnamen oder die Datenträgerbezeichnung ist falsch. : Die COM-Klassenfactory für die Komponente mit CLSID {8B9A5DE9-DEB8-11DB-97F1-0011D8B1A5F4} konnte aufgrund des folgenden Fehlers nicht abgerufen werden: 8007007b."

See also the attached image with a more detailed error message in English.

Any ideas what the reason for the problem might be and what I can do about it?

Thanks a lot!



Hi Daniela,

These Spotfire nodes are no longer supported. You need 32 bit Windows. The COM bridge is no longer maintained and we don't test the nodes with current versions of Spotfire.

There are some new Spotfire nodes - for creating Spotfire native files and doing other such things.

I wrote a blog post on the new Spotfire nodes a little while ago:


Ok, thanks for the information!

Hi Andrew,

I am trying to read data from spotfire info links.
From the logs I see that the info link reader is able to make a connection to the spotfire server but cannot get a valid xml as evident by this error: “Execute failed: The server sent HTTP status code 401: Unauthorized”.

My investigations are:

When I load this url:

In browser (google chrome) I get an XML response, but in KNIME tool it is unable to get the same response.

I tried the same url in google postman app with the JSESSIONID generated by chrome, it successfully receives the correct xml response. When I do the same in KNIME, it fails.

Do you have a suggestion to read the data from info links?

Ranbir Sinha

Hi @Ranbir-Sinha,

I am interested to know if you could found a solution to read data from Spotfire info links?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Lionel,

I could not manage to read the data from the spotfire infolink reader node.
If you have a connection to the database, you can try reading data from the table/view on which the infolinks were made.

Ranbir Sinha

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Thanks @Ranbir-Sinha for your answer.

If you are interested in better sharing data between Knime and Spotfire please have a look at this