Error when selecting Locale de-DE in Date&Time to String Node


I am running into error Messages when I select the Locale “de-DE” in the Date&Time to String Node when my workflow is executed on KNIME Server: “Execute failed: Invalid locale Format: de-DE.”

I also get this error message when I use this Locale in the String to Date&Time Node.

I do not get the error message when I execute the workflow locally or when I select Locale “de” for the KNIME Server.

I use KNIME Server 4.6.1 and the executor is KNIME Analytics Platform 3.5.2.


What version are you using locally. We changed a bug regarding locales in 3.5.3 which potentially makes workflows incompatible with previous versions.

On my desktop PC, I use 3.5.3.

Ideally you can perform the update to the latest version of KNIME Server and the executor, which should solve the issue.