Error when sending to Tableau Server with the "Send to Tableau Server (Hyper)" node

Dear community

I am a bit desperate. On Tuesday I upgraded my Knime Desktop version to the newest version. Since then I can no longer publish data sources on our Tableau Server (v 2018.3), even though this is a stably working workflow that used to regularly publish data sources on our Tableau Server via the “Send to Tableau Server (Hyper)” node. The error I get says following

ERROR Send to Tableau Server (Hyper) 3:289 Execute failed: hyperdstarter.exe is not on the environment path C:\Programs\Knime\plugins\org.knime.ext.tableau.hyper.bin.win32.x86_64_2018.2.2.v201811211117\extractapi-x64-2018-2-3\bin…\bin\hyper

Does anyone know what it means and how to cure this? It is really a blocker for me.

Things tried without any success:

  1. creating a new path
  2. using an older version of Knime
  3. rebooting :slight_smile:

Hi @katerina2103 -

It looks to me like the path to the Hyper files, as set in the KNIME preferences, is pointing to the directory associated with your previous version of KNIME - possibly because that directory doesn’t exist any more, if you uninstalled your old version of KNIME. Can you navigate to File -> Preferences and then find this screen?

In my version of KNIME 4.0 on Windows 10, the path looks like this:

C:\Program Files\KNIME\plugins\org.knime.ext.tableau.hyper.bin.win32.x86_64_2018.2.2.v201905311239\extractapi-x64-2018-2-3\bin

Can you see if the hyper files are in that folder on your system? If they are, then you can update your Windows path and KNIME preferences to point to that folder instead.

If worst comes to worst, you might try installing a standalone version of KNIME 4.0 from scratch, and then reinstalling the Hyper extensions. That would at least avoid some of the pitfalls you might run into with the 3.7 -> 4.0 upgrade process.