Error when trying to change Knime Server Hard Drive in Azure.


I am using the Small KNIME server under Pay as You Go in Azure.

The system was provisioned with a 256GB data hard drive and I want to change that to a 64GB hard drive as I don’t need all that space (and associated cost).

When I remove the 256GB hard drive and I try to connect to the KNIME Server on Azure through the Knime Analytics Platform running on my PC it gives me all types of errors. If I reinstall the 256GB hard drive in Azure the errors that I get from the KNIME Analytics Platform Software (installed on PC) go away.

Can you please tell me what I need to do to get KNIME Server to accept a new Azure hard drive and not give out errors?

Below are images of the errors I have received and the log files:

error server1


My suggestion would be to create a new HD of the 64GB size, copy everything over to the new HD, then remove the 256GB HD.


Hi Zack,

Thanks for the reply. I must be doing something wrong, as I am getting the error messages after doing what you suggest. I am new to Azure and Knime. So perhaps there is something I am missing. Let me explain you the steps that I took to see if you can spot what is wrong or missing:

  • I provisioned a new 64GB drive on Azure webpage and assigned it to the Knime Server on Azure webpage
  • I removed the 256GB hard drive on Azure webpage (nothing was copied as right now the 256GB drive is empty)
  • I started the Knime Server on Azure
  • I pressed the ‘double-click to connect to server’ on Knime Explorer (as I had already configured the server connection). I got errors that I showed you before.
  • I deleted the Server connection in Knime Explorer and tried to re-create it, but got errors that I shared earlier with you.

What am I doing wrong, or what step am I missing?