Error when using Joiner/Concatenate: No space left on device


I get the follwoing error when using concatenate or joiner node although there are more than 50 gigs of free space available.

ERROR     Concatenate                        Execute failed: Exception while accessing file: "/home/jbecker/knime-workspace/factor_Xa_SCRNLIB_COMPLETE_3Dsearch/SLN Reader (#13)/port_1/": No space left on device

Since I'm new to KNIME, can somebody help me qorkaround this problem?

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Have your run out of disk space?


Your disk is formatted in FAT 32 or NTFS ?

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Since your path looks like Linux / Unix: Could it be that you have some kind of quota on your home directory? Are you sure that you have not only free space but also inodes left in the file system? KNIME workspaces tend to contain many small files, so that might be an issue. 



there is free space left (more than 50 GB) and also the Inode usage is just 1%. However it is still not working.


I already had a problem like this with quite an empty 400G disk in FAT32, if you have a huge amount of data you can't generate a volume of data for one file > 4G. I passed the disk in NTFS everything was allright.