Error while creating node dialog for 'List Files': URI is not hierarchical

Hi everybody.

when I try to use a List Files node I am encountering this error Error while creating node dialog for ‘List Files’: URI is not hierarchical

How do i resolve this issue, please help

Knime Version : 4.2.0


Hello @suhridghosh.01,

welcome to KNIME Community!

Can you share printscreen of node’s configuration?


Hello @ipazin,

                  Thank You ver much for you reply. 
                  I actually resolved this issue by reinstalling knime in a differnent knime 
                  workspace. Also i followed the link & executed the steps given by @Iris in 

                 I am still unsure what caused this issue, but this happened wheni imported one of my friends workflow in order to execute it.

Suhrid Ghosh

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Hi @suhridghosh.01,

glad to hear you managed to fix it. If it happens again and you manage to figure out why is this happening let us know.


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