error with Excel Sheet Appender (XLS)

I have been trying to split my excel sheet based on the variable into multiple sheets but there is an error with the Excel Sheet Appender with fails the execution. On my first try i was able to execute the node and got the excel file but not it is showing error.

Error Message:
WARN Excel Sheet Appender (XLS) 0:4 Unable to write to file ‘L:.metadata\knime\history_XLSWRITER.txt’
ERROR Excel Sheet Appender (XLS) 0:5 Execute failed: C:\Users\Desktop\workbook.xlsx

also my workflow is unable to be saved.
error message:
File access problem 'L\KNIME_project\File Reader(#2)\port_1\ is denied)
Please help me out.

@shreya welcome to the KNIME forum.

From what you write about the error messages I would recommend you check you paths and the settings where to write your Excel files. And maybe also the integrity of the KNIME setup itself.

As it happens I have just built a workflow for a different question that might help you.

The excel sheet names would come from the Loop Group


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