Error with File Reader node while running in a loop


I’ve got the following warning while runing a loop for the 5th iteration(cross validation). However, It works well if I don’t use the loop…
“ERROR File Reader 0:621:730:226 Execute failed: New line in quoted string (or closing quote missing). In line 1802.”
Have anyone idea about how to deal with this problem?

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It seems that your fifth (5th iteration) file has an special character in the 1802 line. Such character can be easily inspected by using Notepad++ assuming that is a CSV o TXT file.

It can be a: ’ or ´ or whatever character.

Hope it helps

I had a similar problem where there were some ‘dirty’ CSV files out of a large number of files and they were too large to just ‘edit’ them in Notepad++ (and that also was not a very nice process). I built a workflow using the R package readr, which seems to me more tolerant towards problematic CSV files and gives you some control how to handle mismatching quotes and so on. You might have to toy around with the settings of the read_delim function.

kn_example_import_csv_r_readr.knwf (52.2 KB)

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