Error with Tree Ensamble Learner

Dear all,

I am experiencing an error with the Tree Ensamble Learner Node that I am unable to solve.

I have an unbalanced training set (category A 983, category B 5388), so I decided to modify the Ensamble Configuration settings so I can use equal size categories to derive each tree in the ensamble learner. The settings are as below:

Basically, for each tree I want to select all the samples from the minority category A and an equal number of random samples from the majority category B.

However, when I try to start the learner, I have the following error: “Execution failed: The parameter nrSelect must be > 0 but was 0”:


I am pretty sure that the error is caused by the “Equal size” sampling method, because when I set the “Data sampling Mode” to “Random” or “Stratified”, the node is executed correctly.

Do you have any suggestion how to solve this issue? I already used these settings in the past with data similar to those I am using right now, and I am not sure why it is not working this time…



Have you already tried it “with replacement” (boostrap)

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