Error writing data on an existing Oracle table

I am experiencing an error on a workflow produced in house, using Knime 2.1. This workflow works properly on the older Knime version 2.03.
My workflow is used to customize and write data on an Oracle table, using the node “database writing”.

The problem comes out when I try to append data to an existing table. The new node is able to write the new content for integer data type but gives a negative feedback for numeric data either in the format “numeric” or “numeric(30,10)”.
The error log is :

ERROR Database Writer Execute failed: Column “hia” of type “DoubleCell” from input does not match type “NUMBER” in database at position 1

This error is reported for the first “numeric” column of the list. If I remove the column, the error comes out for the next double present in the table.
The same data, are regularly written on the same database table using Knime version 2.03. Is anyone else facing the same problem? Is the node working not properly, or do I have to set, for the new version, a different type of data?

Thank you


Hi Davide, thanks for reporting this error that I am able to reproduce on my machine with KNIME 2.1.1. The problem is that the KNIME column type “DoubleCell” is not correctly mapped onto the SQL type “NUMBER”; for integer value types it works fine. The problem only occurs when the “Append table” option is checked. I will take care on this issue which will be fixed with our next release.
Thanks again, Thomas

You’re welcome Thomas, All of you are doing a great work and it is a pleasure to have the chance to be supportive.
Regards Davide

Does anyone know if there is an easy work around for this issue?

Yes there is, we have just released 2.1.2 that includes the fix for this issue. Please update KNIME and everything is supposed to work.
Best, Thomas

YAHOOOO!!! Updated and it works. Saved me a couple days of work.

Just found the KNIME labs too. Going to spend a little time exploring. I love KNIME!

Error Writing on database writer



I am facing error in writing to databse the error is-

Errors "82276" writing 82276 rows.

What i need to do to solve such Problem?


Hi Alka,

you can have a look into the KNIME console while the node is running. It should contain error rows indicating the database error.

You can also have a look at the KNIME log file after execution. To view the log file open KNIME and click on View -> Open KNIME log.