ERROR XLS Reader (deprecated


I’m facing the following issue on Knime.

I have third-party app doing SAP extractions and saving them into an excel file. After the Excel file is downloaded I try to run my knime workflow and I see the error below:

ERROR XLS Reader (deprecated) 0:5 DataSpec generated by configure does not match spec after execution.

This only goes away if I open the file, click save, and then close it again. Which is something I want to avoid as this is intended to be an automatic process. I’ve made changes on my excel to avoid it from opening files as read only. even after downloading the extract from SAP I don’t see any “Read-only” messages on the excel file.

I’m attaching the Log file. Timestamp: 2018-05-28 14:23:06,055

knime.log (1.9 MB)

I believe that problem comes from the node configuration, when you configure it for the first time it generates specs for your file, if the file changes after the node was configured that error might appear.

I know the following is still a manual intervention but probably way less time and resource consuming than opening the excel and saving it: Try opening the Excel Reader configuration, rescanning the preview and clicking ok.

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Is there another way to work this out? With small workflows this approach might work, but what with if I have severali input files, will I need to go to each file refreshing the view?

See example

Hi @chaconq,

any chance you might update your deprecated XLS Reader Node to the new version? The new Excel Reader (XLS) Node has an option “Disable Preview (does not compute the output table structure)”. I think this option is probably what you might be looking for.