Errors extracting tar-xy compressed files

I try to extract a “tar-xz” compressed files with various encoding schemes:

The “Decompress Files” node give an error:

I try also to uncompress large images from ESA repositories (from Sentinel sattelite) with the “Decompress Files”.
The node return:

ERROR Decompress Files 3:21900 Execute failed: Unsupported feature data descriptor used in entry S1A_IW_RAW__0SDV_20231223T172502_20231223T172535_051785_06413F_7332.SAFE/S1A_IW_RAW__0SDV_20231223T172502_20231223T172535_051785_06413F_7332.SAFE-report-20231223T174811.pdf

Could you help me to find a way to extract these compressed files?

Best regards.

@PBJ you could employ the python package tarfile to extract the data. Maybe modify this example:

Thanks. I’m very inconfortable with Zip or Tar python module.

For the first step with the Zip file (generated by Copernicus ESA Repositories) containing images coming from the Satellite, I get all the informations about files contained in the Zip archive . It’s a good point and thanks for your workflow.

I want now to extract the files into the same directory (here D:\SAR) inside a subdirectory (named with the archive name: here for the first file: S1A_IW_RAW__0SDV_20231223T172437_20231223T172510_051785_06413F_91BA.SAFE) and continue the process with all other Zip files contained in D:\SAR\ directory).

How can I do the job?

After the extraction, I use these files to execute “external” tools to create more exploitable pictures.

Best regards.

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