Errors from PDB Connectors

Hi Steve,

This may be user error since I’m trying the PDB nodes for the first time, but it seems like I always get this error when I try a query:

INFO PDB Connector Query Only 3:2 getXmlQuery=org.pdb.query.simple.LastLoadQuery
ERROR PDB Connector Query Only 3:2 Execute failed:
A single-node workflow showing the problem is attached.

I’m using v1.27.2 of the Vernalis nodes in KNME 4.2 on Windows.
pdb nodes.knwf (8.3 KB)

Hi Greg,

Sadly this is not user error. The RCSB has turned off the version of the webservices this node relies on overnight as part of their weekly update. We are nearly ready with a replacement version (you can guess what I am doing today :confounded:) which we will be testing internally ‘imminently’ and releasing as soon as possible after that.

As the entire query structure has changed this is more than a minor tweak to the existing code and is a complete re-write, which I’ve been working on intermittently since March or thereabouts.

The custom report node should still work, based on a set of PDB IDs (if it doesnt, the please do let me know - gently!)