Errors in Document Grabber and PubMed parser..


I am trying to use (behind proxy) Document Grabber and PubMed parser nodes but unfortunately couldn't. When I tried the same from my room network, both worked. I have provided the proxy settings in Knime.ini but no difference. I will appreciate if some one can suggest me the solution. Following are the messages from Knime Console:


ERROR     Document Grabber     Execute failed:
ERROR     DocumentParserNodeModel     Could not parse file: C:\Desktop\Pubmed\PubMedAbstracts1.gz
WARN      PubMed Document Parser     Could not parse all files properly!
ERROR     PubMed Document Parser     Execute failed:


usually the DocumentGrabber has no problem with using proxies, since the regular URL class is used to connect and access the document. Have you registered your proxy in KNIME (eclipse settings)? To do this go to (Window or File)->Preferneces->Network connections than select "Manual" at the drop down box and specify your proxy. These settings will be set to the java system properties and than automatically used by classes like URL.

Hope this helps.


Kilian Thiel