Errors in Knime

I am getting errors for certain nodes e.g. missing column expressions, CSV readers. Status: Error: Node “Column Expressions” not available from extension “KNIME Expressions” (provided by “KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland”; plugin “org.knime.expressions.base” is not installed)

Hi @joel_lewinson,

welcome to the knime community. You are not alone with the issue you face. Though, it is particularly / notoriously difficult to reproduce it. Please follow this thread in case the Knime team manages to address it:



In @joel_lewinson’s case it claims

plugin “org.knime.expressions.base” is not installed

Is that the issue? Can you confirm it is installed? This would be different to what we found in the linked thread (which is where it is about an issue in some community extension).

– Bernd

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How do I install this?

I think you can drag and drop this extension into your KNIME Analytics Platform:

Alternatively, you use the “Install Extensions” action in KNIME, and then install “KNIME Expressions”:


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I encountered similar issues when starting KNIME and a previously perfectly functional workflow was “re-opened”. Error said that CSV Reader was not “installed”. For my re-starting KNIME typically solved the issue but I found it pretty odd. I also noticed that after the error appeared when inspecting the workflow that the “reported” node was indeed missing in the chain.

Should I encounter it again I’ll make sure to get screenshots / look into the logs to help investigation given that it’s not only me :slight_smile:

Hi @MartinDDDD,

that issue is exactly what others encountered as well. In case you face it again, can you comment in this post so we ensure visibility about this stays high?

That way, we might also be able to finally trace down the cause :crossed_fingers:


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