Errors loading workflow 'sharepointData_Workflow' due to missing extensions- Row to Column Header.


I don’t have any issues while execute the individual workflows in KNIME server. However, when I try to call a workflow by using call workflow (Table Based) node which throwing the below error. Not get any clue to understand the issue. and we have updated KNIME server Version ( 4.15.2).

Really apricated any clues or work around for this issue?. Thanks in advance.

ERROR Call Workflow (Table Based) 3:162 Could not load workflow

Errors loading workflow ‘sharepointData_Workflow’ due to missing extensions:

Extension: KNIME Base nodes
Nodes: Row to Column Header

ERROR Call Workflow (Table Based) 3:162 Execute failed: HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

Hello @kotlapullareddy ,

could you please tell me what version of Analytics Platform and KNIME Executor are being used?
Could you please check that your KNIME Executor and Analytics Platform are on the same version?
This node was implemented in AP 4.7.x as a base node meaning this extension is already included in KNIME Analytics Platform, there is no need to install it, so it should not be missing. (Maybe the workflow was built with 4.7.x version where this node is available / improved but the executor is on an older version where this node is not available?)
So please upgrade your executor to the same version (4.7.x). Speaking of upgrading to avoid any issues, we strongly encourage using a version of KNIME Executor from the same release line as your KNIME Server installation. See the product compatibility matrix here.

Did it help to resolved this issue?

Hey Dora_gcs,
Thanks for reaching out.

Here is my versions
KNIME analytics platform - 4.7.3
KNIME SERVER Version: 4.15.2

so we need to update KNIME server to latest version (4.16)? is it mandatory ?

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