"Errors" rendition between browsers

Hi all,

We use the Table Editor widget to view some data and for a better view, we want to customize some columns width.

The customization is good with Chrome but not ok with Firefox or Edge.

Cf. following image, with Firefox browser

We wonder if the customization that we made on the column width is really correct or it is just a bug with browsers ?

Can anyone help us to have a right customization on column width (with the search part at the bottom), that works with all browsers ?

I put in here the workflow that reproduces this bug : Test_Search_Width.knwf (12.2 KB)

Thanks in advanced,

Thanh Thanh

Hi Thanh Thanh,
what is your goal? Do you want all columns to have a fixed width defined by you? In your CSS you are only setting the max-width of the th element and the input element, not the whole table. Maybe the CSS property “table-layout” can help you here?
Kind regards

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Hi Alexander,

In fact, the table that I need to visualize with the table edior contains many columns. Some columns of them have short content.

By default, all columns have the same size with the Table Editor. So, what I want, is customize the width of these “short” columns and let the others as they are.

Hope I explain well this time :slight_smile:

Many thanks,

Thanh Thanh

P.S. : I tried the table-layout but it does not works :frowning:

I think this does unfortunately not work. When playing around with the table I noticed that on every resize the width of the cells is recalculated and set as a style attribute directly on the element. So any fix you could come up with using the CSS Editor will probably be overwritten by that value set via JavaScript.
Kind regards