ESRI Geodatabase support

Hi All,

Has anyone discovered a way of implementing a connection to read/write to ESRI Geodatabases?

This would be an extremely useful feature to have, and open up a lot more doors for the geospatial users of KNIME.


Hi @sv,

I’m not an expert in the field of ESRI Geodatabases, so please correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I understood a geodatabse can be stored in almost any kind of relational database system. These you can easily connect to with the Database Framework implemented in KNIME or am I mistakting something?


Hi Marten,

Thanks for your comment.
ESRI geodatabases can typically be stored as ‘File geodatabases’ which appear in your explorer system as folders. I haven’t been able to connect to them using any of the out of the box solutions in KNIME.
More information about the types of geodatabases can be found here:

Hi @sv,

Of the three types on that page, it seems like for type:

    • You would need a custom KNIME node that understands the native file format as well as the directory structure.
    • Use a standard KNIME database connector.

It sounds like you are personally using type 1 and so are looking for KNIME node that understands this type of storage? Node Pit does have nodes for ESRI shape files ( ) but i wasn’t able to quickly locate something for the type 1 scenario.

Hi Quaeler,

Yep that is correct, File Geodatabases are ideal. I have used the community shapefile nodes before, however it is very uncommon to use a shapefile rather than a feature class which is stored inside a geodatabase due to a number of constraints that shapefiles have over using geodatabases.

It would be great if someone were able to knock up a driver to interpret the file geodatabases, unfortunately it is outside my skill set :(.

@sv You can convert the .gdb files .kml or .shp files and they can be read into knime using GeoSpatial Nodes (Eg. Read From KML node)


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